Baby Butt Balm

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Protect your babies bottom from diaper rash or to offer healing and relief to irritated skin. A minimal amount of lavender essential oil is added for a lovely fresh scent.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula, Myrrh, Lavender Essential Oil, Beeswax

Calendula (herb): An Anti-oxidant and anti-septic. Benefits are many including; eczema, minor burns, warts, sprains, wound healing, cramps, coughs, sore throat, snake bites, inflammation, hemorrhoids, fungal infections, ringworm, candida and boosts immune system.

Myrrh Tears (herb): Maintaining healthy skin is one of myrrh oil's renowned uses, as it slows down the signs of aging and soothes cracked or chapped skin.

Lavender Essential Oil: is helpful with burns, inflammation, cuts, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, headaches, influenza, insomnia, nervous tension, infections, bacterial conditions, sores, ulcers, acne, boils, and arthritis.

Directions for Use:  Apply as needed.

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