Plantain Salve for Stings, Bites & Rash

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We keep this on hand at all times when we are working with bees as the Plantain is so helpful with bug bites and stings, cuts, burns and scrapes. We also use it on our dogs if they have any skin issues. Plantain is amazing for any type of healing with the skin and it's a must have all around great salve.

Plantain (herb): Has a wide-ranging antimicrobial properties besides being anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It can not only soothe insect bites and superficial wounds but prevent infections and accelerate healing. An active biochemical aucubin is mainly responsible for the antimicrobial action of the herb. Another substance allantoin in the herb helps with skin tissue regeneration.

German Chamomile Essential Oil: Has antiseptic, antibiotic, disinfectant and bactericidal properties. Beneficial for skin remedies.

Directions for use:  Apply as needed.

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