Sweet Dreams Tincture

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Not many things can be more frustrating that not being able to fall asleep or not getting restful sleep. Our bodies need a restful nights sleep and sometimes we need a bit of help. This tincture is made with Valerian, Skullcap, Hops, Lemon Balm and Chamomile. You can add to any tea or add to sweet dreams tea or take with some juice. For an added aid you can also use the Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy products. My husband has always struggled with insomnia and the products help him get a more restful nights sleep. 2 oz

Valerian Root: One of the earliest medicinal uses to treat insomnia, and this use continues today. This is because certain chemicals in the plant are believed to have a sedative effect.

Skullcap: A sedative nervine and has mild antispasmodic and anti-hypertensive effects. It is a great herb to use if your anxiety is accompanied with worry, it also helps ease tension headaches and insomnia.

Lemon Balm: Has a calming effect and help to induce sleep. Many studies have investigated lemon balm’s use in treating insomnia and anxiety, but most of the clinical trials used a combination of lemon balm and other herbs like valerian, hops and chamomile, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Nevertheless, the studies did find that taking lemon balm helped to improve sleep. The University of Michigan Health System cites a preliminary clinical trial that compared the effects of a product containing lemon balm and valerian root with the insomnia medication triazolam, or Halcion. The study found that the herbal combination was just as effective as Halcion at improving the participants’ ability to fall asleep and quality of sleep.

Hops: Pairing hops with valerian may help treat insomnia, according to a 2010 research review published in Australian Family Physician. The review included 16 previously published studies, 12 of which found that the use of valerian on its own or in combination with hops helped improves sleep quality and lessened the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

Chamomile: Sedating and muscle-relaxing effects may help those who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep more easily.

Tincture 1:5 70% Alcohol

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